Photography stands in as-yet-unmapped relations to other artistic disciplines,  photography through the eye of an Artist whose core medium is painting is an exploration and revelation of  what can be referred to as painterly photographs.  These accidental image making contribute to the content of images—images that may document, invent, interpret, or involve sustained transformations of their subjects. Underscoring the idea that there has never been just one type of photography, these works flip between abstraction representation, and documentary  my photography works are accidental and are left as it is without  manipulation by digital techniques. They thus turn pictures into questions, creatively reassessing the meaning of image-making in Africa.

“What I’m into is visual connection to what I’m taking, not pin-sharp clarity. It’s absurd for people to think all photos need to be high-resolution – what matters, artistically, is not how many pixels it has, but if the image works. People fetishize the technology in photography more than any other medium. You don’t get anybody but paintbrush nerds fixating on what brush the Chapman brothers use. The machinery you
create your art on is irrelevant.”

Robert Capa